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by Bernard Wright

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Bernard Wright
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      Who am I?
   For those who don't know me, I'm Bernard Wright. I was born and raised in    Greensboro, North Carolina. I started playing the piano since I was 8, and it was then I    found my true passion. I've been singing and writing music since I was 12. I enjoy    performing and conveying a message which is more important than the entertainment.    I like to give the audience more than just a performance but music with the intent of    offering hope and promoting a sense of    L.O.V.E.

     What am I doing?
   Over the last 2 years, I've been privileged with opportunities to pursue this music    passion. The support I've received both by the community and my family, have given    me the courage to really step out in faith and see where this road takes me. The songs    I'm recording are drawn from a place of sincerity. I’ve realized that this gift is for the    purpose of inspiring and healing.

     What can you do?
   I'm fully aware that not every person gets a chance to follow their dreams, which    makes asking for your help to fund this project a privilege. I'm basically asking you to    pre-order the album with some added incentives so this project can be completed.    Please look through levels offered and pick one that fits with where you are in your    abilities.
   Please share this video page by using the bookmarks below via Facebook ect...    This    will be a great help in getting more people involved and informed about this project.

     Risk and Challenges
   1. I have a very short time frame to reach my goal. Below are some of the costs I will    incur:

   - Studio Time/Audio Engineer - $1,000
   - Master & Duplication - $700
   - Photographer, Graphic Design - $1,275
   - Videographer -$2,500

   2. It is pretty scary to think what will happen if I don't reach my goal (and I'm trying    not think about that), but it would mean that I won't be able to finish this album    until I raise enough funds.

   3. Anyone who's worked on a record knows that things never go as planned, but my    hope is to stay as close to what I've promised as possible. I will offer updates on the    progress and check in with supporters if I won't be able to deliver a package at the    promised time. Like I said, I don't take lightly anyone who supports this project, and I    will treat your contributions with utmost respect and integrity.

   4. My goal is to have the album released sometime in February 2014.

pledged of $5,475 goal

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$1 minimum pledge.

This project will be funded on
Feb 28, 2014 2:41pm EST.

Funding period

Jan 6, 2014 - Feb 28, 2014

Pledge $2 or more

7 backers

A digital version of the unreleased
Single "Why Oh You"
Estimated delivery: Jan 2014

Pledge $10 or more

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digital download of the album and a special Thank You on the
Bwrightmusic Facebook Fan Page!

Estimated delivery: Feb 2014

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Signed album and digital download. A handwritten thank you note.
(Add $10 for shipping outside of U.S)
Estimated delivery: Feb 2014

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Signed album and digital download. A bwrightmusic T-shirt
Estimated delivery: Feb 2014
Add $10 USD to ship outside the US

Pledge $150 or more

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Let’s set up a skype date and I will play a 30min set for you. Signed album and digital download, bwrightmusic T-shirt
Estimated delivery: Feb 2014

Pledge $500 or more

0 backers

Full band private concert at your home or choice of location. Travel expenses need to be covered if outside of the Greensboro N.C. area
Estimated delivery: Feb 2014